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November: COPD Awareness Month

Posted by Mandi Wilhelm, MA CCC-SLP on

Happy November Everyone!

November is National COPD Awareness month. One aspect I appreciate about treating patients with dysphagia and COPD is that many times, simple measures to improve safety at meals and comfort have not been discussed at all, which means there is a great opportunity for education. Frequently, these patients understand their strategies right away, and once they implement some of the energy conservation techniques, they recognize improvement in their quality of life right away. I am ecstatic when small changes make a big impact for our patients, and it speaks to the power of skilled services when we can provide meaningful and functional training.

Did you know, according to Steidl et al. (2015), "COPD has the potential to alter the coordination between swallowing and breathing which negatively influences the normal process of swallowing?" If you're looking for a great review of the literature related to COPD, click here for Steidl et al. article:

Download our patient handout here, designed to help you educate your patients on COPD and dysphagia.  It's FREE and includes illustrations you can use when discussing basic anatomy and physiology.