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5 Ways to Encourage Your Patient/Loved One on a Pureed Diet

If you are new to the world of modified diets, or if you are struggling to encourage someone on a pureed diet, here are 5 tips to help:1. Focus on Flavor: Texture is standardized for this diet, but flavor doesn't have to suffer! If your loved one/patient loves spicy food, add spice! If your loved [...]

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Click the Green Button...

To view our campaign and become a sponsor visit us at: and click the green button! This week we launch our Kick Starter campaign and we’re so excited! What started with a conversation over a year ago that began with the words “we should do that” has evolved into manufacturing a product for dysphagia [...]

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What's in a Word?

When addressing our adult population, it is of utmost importance to convey respect for, and dignity to our patients. In order to do this, there are some common terms that we find are more respectful than others, and help us to give the patients the dignified interactions they deserve. Oh, how we cringe when someone [...]

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CFY Corner: 5 Habits of a Highly Effective CFY

The Clinical Fellowship Year: you've graduated, put all your books behind you, and picked out the most exciting first job- now what? The first year out of graduate school is thrilling and terrifying all at once. New responsibilities and autonomy mean that suddenly you are the expert and your opinion is now needed to make [...]

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Adding Variety & Appeal to Modified Diets

I am grateful beyond measure for my professor, Dr. Richard Dean, who required his graduate students to consume an altered diet for 24 hours of pureed textures with nectar liquids to develop patient perspective. I recall how difficult it was to find pre-made pureed items, how bland the food tasted that I created and how [...]

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​Putting the FUN in Function

This blog is dedicated to the topic of function. In our therapy lexicon, function is frequently used. Functional measurements, outcomes and functional activities. We all have experiences in tailoring our therapy sessions, as good therapists do, to the functional needs of the patient. Here are some questions we use to guide our therapy strategies to [...]

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Focus on Function: Medication Management

When we think about what is functional and useful for our patients, there is one area that is paramount to safety and yet tricky to work on in meaningful ways in therapy: medication management. Risks are high when it comes to dealing with medications and there are only so many ways we can sort medications [...]

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Going Green! How to decrease our paper trail and footprint in treatment!

"Being green" is certainly an ever-increasing concern in environmental-friendliness. Besides the obvious impact on our environment, a business or individual budget can also benefit from a little creativity in the therapy session. Candidly, there was also some consideration for "wasted paper" when we decided to offer downloadable activities here versus pursuing a book that we [...]

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Our first blog: Welcome to our website launch!

     calm members: Mandi, Sara & Megan Welcome to our website launch!     A dream that began over a year ago is finally coming to fruition - and we're so excited to share what we've envisioned. We were talking one day about patients on our caseload who were having difficulty with mixed consistencies, in [...]

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