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Posted by Megan Ordway, MA CCC-SLP on

As SLPs, we know the importance of sharing information and focusing on expanding your skill set. We are proudly sharing information we've learned and utilized regarding evidence-based practice as it pertains to the subjects that are nearest to our hearts: dysphagia in the adult population. In the coming days, we anticipate the launching of our first set of courses for our fellow SLPs to take. Here are some details:

Release Date - July 15th: We've partnered with Community Care Partners Inc., an ASHA-approved CEU provider, to bring you the most recent information on Mixed Consistency Dysphagia. We know that you will find this provider affordable and unique in course offerings. Dr. Eric Blicker is the founder and creator of this great company, and is bringing exciting courses to the table. We hope you enjoy our elevated discussion about mixed consistencies and find his other courses as fascinating as we have! Contact Dr. Eric Blicker directly at for course enrollment and details.

Release Date TBD: The second course "Adaptive Equipment for Dysphagia Management in SNFs" will be offered through Yapp Guru University, find them here! This site is a great community of providers, sharing their skills and expertise, developed by fellow SLP, Mai Ling Chan. She has assembled a platform for sharing and networking and empowering SLPs through her unique website. It's been a pleasure working with her, and our course is in the final stages of going live! We will bring you more information when it's available. 

Please check out these courses and our partners at Community Care Partners, Inc. & Yapp Guru University.
We hope you find the courses informative and exciting!

3 Reasons to Utilize Adaptive Equipment for Dysphagia Management in Skilled-Nursing Facilities

I’ve been a practicing SLP for 16 years and some things are just a given: adaptive dining equipment (AE) will be misplaced. It’s like the famous children’s book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” by Laura Joffee Numeroff. If you give a patient a nosey cup, he’ll ask for 3 more nosey cups, one [...]

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Compassion Fatigue VS. Burnout: Know The Difference And What To Do About It As A Speech-Language Pathologist

Stressors taking a tollThe current environment for SLPs can be stressful (hello, productivity, I’m talking about you). The diagnoses we treat can be emotionally taxing, and the acuity of patients so demanding that it takes a toll on us personally. Consider the heartbreaking situations, which are compounded by webs of family dynamics, patient dispositions, personalities [...]

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The Strat Mat: THEY ARE HERE!

At ASHA's national convention in November, we debuted our newest product and something we are personally excited about for our own practices: "The Strat Mat". The backstory:As therapists, we are used to making our own visual aids and table tents for therapy sessions, but not only can this be time-consuming, but it draws extra attention to [...]

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ASHA National Convention: Here we come!

In the world of speech-pathology, our circles tend to regionally become small. We run into and work with clinicians in many different settings. We develop a familiar sense of those therapists handling our referrals and servicing the local community. National Convention is THE ultimate experience to gather in a much bigger “circle”. Conferences are an [...]

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Can You Repeat That Please? How Impaired Processing and Cognition Impact Telephone Skills and What to Do About It

As a SNF-based SLP I often wonder how my treatment and recommendations generalize to a patient’s home environment when they are discharged - especially those with cognitive-linguistic impairments. I always assess and address, if applicable, medication management, daily math skills and safety/sequencing when using equipment such as walkers and sock aids. While these areas have [...]

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Helping Patients Who Forget Why They Pressed the Call Button

There are few things more frustrating for our patients than waiting to have their needs met. Unfortunately, in the SNF setting, we find this occurs on a regular basis as staff are limited in time and resources to assist in bathing, toileting and dressing. Waiting is an unfortunate truth in skilled nursing facilities, but for [...]

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CFY: How to have a great experience and transition to your first job

THE CLINICAL FELLOWSHIP YEARThe freedom and excitement of beginning your job placement is likely accompanied by some amount of nervous anticipation or even fear. With a good attitude, an open mind, and the solid foundation of knowledge you’ve gained in your graduate program, a CFY should be an exciting endeavor. The following tips will help [...]

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​An Effective Visual Approach to Staff Education For Thickening Supplements

Consider the Audience:As nurses move toward primary care models, a trend placing nurses on the front line for direct patient care, it is imperative that our recommendations as SLPs are simple and easily integrated into our patient’s daily routine. The staff we are working along side will have differing levels of familiarity with thickening liquids [...]

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I Will Never Forget

As an SLP, I’m constantly searching for material to foster my empathy and connection with patients in addition to recommending resources for my patients’ caregivers. I recently stumbled upon a gem, a book by Elaine Pereira (an Occupational Therapist and Certified Dementia and Practitioner Caregiver) entitled, “I Will Never Forget”. It poignantly reminds us of [...]

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